Whistle Blowing Policy

This statement relates to Whistle Blowing and must be made known to all who work for or with East Side Youth Centre.

Whistleblowing encourages and enables anyone employed by or volunteering with East Side Youth to raise serious concerns within the club rather than overlooking a problem or 'blowing the whistle' outside.

Employees/ volunteers are often the first to realise that there is something seriously wrong and East Side Youth Centre Council of Management will treat any concerns raised confidentially and support the person raising them.

The reporting process will be the same as for complaints and safeguarding with feedback being offered until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

East Side Youth Centre operates under a policy of confidentiality, however,  under no circumstances can any individual working with East Side Youth Centre  keep confidential any information that raises concerns about the safety and welfare of a young person or anyone volunteering within the youth club.

All leaders and helpers must be aware that they have a responsibility to share information with other agencies ie Action4Youth, Bucks County Council Safeguarding Board, in order to safeguard young people in accordance with the Information Sharing Policy of the Children’s Trust.

All leaders and helpers must be aware that they cannot promise a child that they will keep secrets.

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