Spiritual Development

Spiritual development: to be human is to be spiritual since human beings are more than the purely physical. For some, the spiritual is intimately bound up with belief in God (however defined or understood) whilst for others it is bound up with the human spirit alone.

We are committed to:

  1. Celebrating the religious and non-religious beliefs and values that young people and adults bring as part of their family/cultural heritage and to building an awareness of and respect for others' spiritual and religious beliefs
  2. Fostering common human values (e.g. love, tolerance, forgiveness) and building spiritual capacities (e.g. sensitivity and responsiveness, inner strength and resilience) to promote self-worth, self-esteem and a valuing of others
  3. Helping young people and adults come to an understanding of themselves as unique individuals (for some this will be inextricably linked with their belief in God/the divine) and encouraging them to reflect on ultimate questions
  4. Developing their curiosity, imagination, creativity and aesthetic responses to life and learning, and promoting a sense of awe and wonder.

Leaders will not evangelise for any particular faith or none, but are allowed to share their own beliefs in an appropriate context, for example in discussing life issues. Leaders will have a respect for all beliefs/none and will not dismiss or be negative about alternative viewpoints, but help equip the young people to make up their own minds.

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Whats on

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