Discipline Policy

Behaviour that warrants a verbal warning

  • Rudeness, swearing at or disrespecting leaders or other group members
  • Taunting other club members or making someone feel unwelcome
  • Failure to act upon a leader’s instructions
  • Behaviour that could lead to some one getting hurt or cause damage to the building, property or equipment
  • Any leader can give verbal warnings but inform the senior leader in charge that you have done so. Whenever possible take person aside to give them their warnings and ask another leader to be present. Do not allow other young people to get into debate with you.

1st verbal warning

Point out what they were doing wrong and ask them to stop.

2nd verbal warning

State “You have already been asked not to do that so this is an official warning. If you do that again you will be asked to leave.” Ask for an apology and an undertaking that it won’t happen again.

If misbehaviour persists

Advise they will now be asked to leave. Arrange for someone to cover your domain area, and then escort the young person to the senior leader who will initiate the ejection process by ringing the parents to advise them of the circumstances and request that they collect their child or give permission for them to leave by themselves.

Before departing the senior leader will advise the young person whether they will be allowed to return the following week if they are willing to apologise to those concerned and comply with club rules, or whether a longer period of suspension might be deemed necessary. Two leaders will then escort the young person from the building, or transfer them to their parents on arrival.

On subsequent return the senior leader, plus one other leader, should meet with the young person to hear their apology and clarify the club rules and expected behaviour. Those involved regarding the previous misbehaviour should endeavour to touch base with the young person and be clear about the behaviour they expect in future. Further apologies to particular leaders or other members may be appropriate.

Serious misbehaviour that warrants suspension or exclusion (and calling Police if appropriate):

  • Physical aggression/ fighting
  • Intimidating or threatening behaviour
  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Stealing
  • Wilful damage
  • Perceived to be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or drugs
  • Possession of anything that can be used as a weapon

For such offences no warnings are necessary.  For any ejection of a member, an appropriate suspension period or exclusion must be decided. By the end of the meeting, the senior leader will review the incident with the leadership team and decide the outcome making due allowance for contrition and past behaviour of the member. The senior leader shall then write to the family describing the incident and the consequences for the member.

Recording warnings

All warnings are to be recorded in the Registration File in the designated section.

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