The East Side Youth Centre minibus project brings existing local community groups together to provide a transport facility that no individual community organisation in our locality could afford to operate alone.

A grant was awarded from the Buckinghamshire Community Foundation Community Transport Fund.  The remaining funds were contributed by Ash Hill Primary School, King's Wood School and St Andrew’s Church.

Operation costs are recouped from a fixed annual contribution plus mileage charge.

The minibus operates under a Section 19 permit. The permit allows the holder to operate transport services for hire or reward without the need for a full public service vehicle (PSV) operator’s licence. Many community transport organisations and charities now operate minibuses under a section 19 permit which, which allows for the service provided being for the organisations’ own members or for groups of people whom the organisation serves. Organisations can charge or accept a form of remuneration for providing transport at a level to recover some or all of the costs of running the vehicle, and may even include an allowance for vehicle depreciation but the service must not be provided to members of the general public and the charges made must be on a non-profit basis.

The scheme is managed by East Side Youth Centre with the assistance of the full scheme members, Ash Hill Primary School, King's Wood School and St Andrew’s Church.  If you represent a constituted organisation and would like to become an associate member of the scheme, please contact us for more information.  The current costs are £100 per annum to be part of the scheme, plus 90p per mile usage charge.  We are sorry, the minibus is not available for private hire.

 Notes for scheme members

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What's on

Whats on

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5.30 to 7pm Years 5,6 and 7



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